What is a masternode?

Simply put, it is a server.

Translated into the world of cryptocurrencies it is a wallet that has a fixed number of coins, which is required by the masternode. This coin wallet, which has already been configured for this purpose, it must be kept open 24 hours a day, for a certain period.

This wallet is a node within the blockchain of the currency in question, which serves to perform operations such as instant transactions, lotteries, voting and many other functions that allow the blockchain to move forward with only a fraction of the electricity that Proof of Work mining requires.

The exciting thing about masternodes is that they are mostly passive income for their owners since the blockchain pays a certain amount of coins, from time to time to the owner of the Masternode. In other words, if this currency rises, your payment for the rent of the node also increases. It differs from a traditional PoS because the return is much higher. However, the more masternodes on a network the more time it takes for your masternode to be rewarded.

Masternodes are known as linked validation systems. They are servers that support the network of a chain of blocks and help to enable things that miners cannot do for themselves using the concept of working test.

It exists in a two-tier system where the second-tier master nodes are next to the first-tier miners. The service voucher and the maintenance voucher are performed side by side in the network.

The Dash cryptocurrencies were the first to use this protocol, but many other cryptocurrencies have adopted the idea ever since. Its original implementation was for anonymous transactions, but it is now being used for many other functions.

How can I own a Masternode?

Anyone with a computer can own a Masternode, and the cost varies depending on the currency you want to invest in. Some coins ask for 100 units to own a Masternode while others ask for a few million, although you also have to consider its value. For example, a Masternode in Dash costs 1000 DASH which would be almost $300 000 dollars, while an Arctic Coin Masternode that costs 1000 ARC only equals $70 at the time of this posting.

Now, what does it take to be part of this new economic potential? Believe it or not, you only need a virtual wallet, it is straightforward, but it is so simple that it can bring some security complications, for example, Virtual currencies can be sent to any person, without quantity restrictions or authorizations, and this can be done under a pseudonym, any day and at any time. It is definitely recommended to also have a VPS setup to allow the node to stay online even when you shutdown your computer. I personally use ServerCheap.net as well as Vultr.com for my VPS needs and I highly recommend them.

The advantage of this procedure is that the transactions are totally transparent, since it is possible to verify how many commercial activities are being carried out, by whom and when, everything in real time, in addition to the capacity that this has to reduce costs and shorten the processes, since, having the opportunity to make payments in real time the negotiations can be instantaneous, thus eliminating the risks of fraud.

What Masternodes Do We own?

At the moment we have a lot of masternodes most of them are small ones that don’t do a whole lot but these are the few we highly recommend!


GINcoin aims to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) – regardless of their technical abilities. GINcoin masternodes and masternodes for other blockchains will be deployable in a couple of clicks or less. Our ultimate goal is to democratise the way masternodes are created and, as an effect, prove crypto is here to stay – by making it more user-friendly than paper money.


Printex (prtx) is the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the printing industry. We created an ecosystem to simplify and provide more disclosure about printing transactions while allowing the general public to use a cryptocurrency in the real world.


The Dextro Platform is the future of hosting blockchain services. Dextro is creating visions of a future where anyone can easily purchase and deploy a masternode without technical knowledge and participate in the blockchain rewards in an easy way.

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Happy to announce the addition of our new Coin Partners!

We are happy to announce a few new partnerships with Rhenium, Marco, and MotaCoin! We have added shirts, mugs and more for each coin. You can buy any of the merchandise on this site with their coins in each of their discords, just look for the Merch channel and post a request. You can of course purchase with all the major credit cards or any of the other coins we accept via coinpayments.net. If you would rather contact us directly to order you can use the contact us on this site to set up a purchase.

MotaCoin – A New Decentralized, Trustless, Cryptographic Powered ecosystem for the marijuana industry.

With the legalization of cannabis sweeping across the globe, new logistical problems have emerged. Due to the distribution of power between state and federal governments, the United States has a unique payment solutions landscape given its legal variances as you travel across it. The banking sector is under heavy pressure from the federal government to forego payment services to cannabis-related businesses. This complicates the business models by needing to rely heavily on cash, which among other things makes it harder to put that money back into the business.

Rhenium – The blockchain solution for an eco-friendly sustainable cryptocurrency

Rhenium’s vision is to become a well-established and trusted cryptocurrency used worldwide. We aim to increase mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency with innovative ideas and development. We believe the rhenium community will play a huge part in helping this happen.

Marco (Marble Coin) – A Fee-less Masternode Investment Fund

Marble is the only cryptocurrency that pays its holders in BTC every week. Where does the BTC come from? The Marble team invests in various projects and high performing masternodes based on research done by our Investment Strategy team. At the end of each week, the Marble team converts the week’s profits to BTC and splits the profits between its masternode holders!


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